1 in 5 Brits believe cheating on partner with ex is 'ok'

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London, Aug 19 : One in five Brits reckons sneaking between the sheets with an ex while dating a new girl "doesn't really count", reveals a new survey.

The sex poll of bed-hopping Brits also revealed that more than 50percent of all blokes say they would always jump at the chance to stray, even if they were in a happy relationship.

Pollsters in the 'Why Men and Women Cheat' survey said: "Many men who love their partners and have great sex at home never turn down an opportunity for a bit on the side if they think they can get away with it."

Only a third of female love cheats said they were happy at home, blaming boredom as the reason they slept around. And they claimed having an affair was a much-needed ego-boost, reports The Daily Star.

Most women said they had enjoyed a secret fling because it "was a reward for being an unappreciated wife and mum", or for "putting up with a partner who wasn't affectionate, didn't listen or ignored" them.

A number of high profile celebrities have reunited after splitting up.

Ex-Baywatch blonde Pamela Ander-son, 41, famously divorced and got back together with Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, 45.

Smile singer Lily Allen, 23, finished with Chemical Brothers Ed Simons, 38, but the couple soon rekindled their love and returned to each other's arms.

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