Phelps success in Beijing due to 'intensity training'

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Patiala, Aug 18 (UNI) The 'American Dolphin' Michael Phepls, who won eight gold medals in swimming and erased compatriot Mark Spitz's record of seven gold medals which he won in 1972 Munich Olympics, worked very hard over the years, adopting 'high intensity training' methods.

Phepls embraced US sprint coach Rick Smith's adage 'success and satisfaction are knowing that you have worked harder than humanly possible, done better than your best and competed beyond your fullest.' Phelps' success is attributed to the latest American research of 'high-intensity training' which ensures more strength and power in less time.

American scientist and researcher John C Philbin, founder and president of the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) says that high-intensity training system embodies a strength training philosophy that focuses on high-intensity work, performing quality repetitions to momentary muscular failure, developing balanced strength throughout each muscle group, and building maximum strength and power in the safest environment possible.

Philbin elaborates that 'high-intensity training' system uses as many strength resistance modalities as possible, including free weights, machines, cables and manuals, to facilitate different muscle recruitment patterns.

Phelps' training in the United States was based on sound scientific back-up which helped him to turn the world up-side-down in swimming at Beijing.

Indian sports will prosper only when our sportspersons receive full scientific back-up during training which, at present, is totally missing. At present, Indian scientists are 'quarter baked' and provide no feedback to our national sportspersons for improvement. This is the root cause of our sportspersons' miserable failure in the Olympics.


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