Lack of money cause of unprofessionalism in Indian films: Mohanlal

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New Delhi, Aug 17 (UNI) Indian films may be increasingly making a mark for themselves at various International film festivals in recent years but Malayalam superstar Mohanlal feels that lack of adequate finances results in India still lagging behind the West as far as professionalism in its films is concerned.

''Lack of finances and tight schedules and budget within which to complete the film are some of the main reasons for the absence of professionalism in making of most Indian films,''Mohanlal says.

Talking to UNI during a visit to the Capital to promote his forthcoming Malayalam film "Akashagopuram", said to be the costliest ever film in Malayalam, Mohanlal said,''There is a lot of difference between Indian films and those made in the United Kingdom and the United States. In terms of the working style, there is a lot of difference in the way they work in the West and how they work here.

Out there, things are a lot professional - there is a proper storyboard and a shooting schedule. Though now we also have a few films where planning is done beforehand, most of the films made in India are not professionally done.'' Mohanlal speaks with personal experience. For, his new film 'Akashagopuram', which releases on August 22, is said to be the first South Indian film to be shot entirely in Britain.

Stating that films like 'Akaashgopuram', based on Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen's classic play "Master Builder", were made in India once in a blue moon, Mohanlal said,''Akashagopuram is very costly because of its location, the shooting equipment and the international artistes involved. Kerala is a small place and so it is only once in a blue moon that we can churn out such high budget films. Also, in Kerala not many films are happening that have been wholly shot in London though a lot of films there have had a couple of songs picturised in UK.

''Otherwise, most of the time, we, in India, do not have the kind of money that Western filmmakers have at their disposal. While this is not to say that films made in the West are in any way superior to Indian films, but at the same time if we want to make good films, we definitely need bigger budgets.'' For Mohanlal, who has featured in many a Malayalam hits like "Nadodikkattu", "Kireedam", "Vanaprastham", and "Thanmatra", doing 'Aakashgopuram' was challenging as an actor.

''For me, as an actor, it is an important achievement to have been a part of a film like 'Aakashgopuram' which attempts to translate the classic play like 'Master Builder' on the big screen.

Nobody in Malayalam cinema has till now made a film based on the play not even in the 60s when there was a big movement in Kerala to make good films,''Mohanlal said.

In 'Akashagopuram', Mohanlal plays an architect whose ambition of being successful keeps him away from other aspects of life.

''He is at the pinnacle of his career and has got some kind of fear that someday, somebody might overtake him. It is a basic human psyche that when you are at the pinnacle of your profession, it is very difficult to come down,''he says.

Asked if he did some research or preparation for his role, Mohanlal said,''I have not done any research to play the character.

I have read the play and I have just enacted it. I am basically an actor who simply follows the directions of the director. In case of 'Akashagopuram', the director P Kumaran knew the film for 15-20 years. So unknowingly he was giving me signals. During the process of filming, he does not talk much about the film, the character or the scene. We just perform and he is happy with that.'' MORE UNI AR BDP KN1106

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