35 seconds to peel an orange?

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London, Aug 17: An orange that can be peeled in 35 seconds is to go on sale for the first time in the UK in a bid to win back consumers who have lost the patience to eat them. According to figures from research firm TNS, consumption of oranges fell 2 per cent last year as busy consumers switched to smaller varieties, which are easier to peel.

Brit supermarket, Sainsbury's said that the new Australian orange could be peeled 'in an average of 35 seconds' and was 50 per cent sweeter than other varieties. Sainsbury's added that the variety is of the same size and shape as a normal orange - has a softer skin, making it as simple to peel as a satsuma. It also creates less mess because it is easier to segment and has less pith - perfect for office workers eating lunch at their desks. Sainsbury's hopes the convenience of its new product will tempt customers back into the habit of buying oranges. The Australian orange has now gone on sale in Sainsbury's stores across the country.

However, because of the imminent end of the growing season in the Antipodes, it will be available only until September 9.

"We are confident that our new easy-peel orange will save our customers a huge amount of time and bother. This is an incredibly convenient citrus for people to peel and eat on the move or at their desks," The Daily Mail quoted Sainsbury's orange buyer Peter Lyons, as saying.


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