'What I think... on Independence Day'

Written by: Ashwini Anish
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Bangalore, Aug 15: 'Vande Mataram.. ' was the slogan that was heard few years back on Indian Independence day. 'Hurray!! its a holiday...' is the statement which most of them make on this significant day. With increase of globalisation, present generation is losing values. On this 61st year of independence, four people of different fields have their say about independence day.

Shakeel AhmedShakeel Ahmed, Software Engineer at Aricent Technology
It was a declared holiday on August 15. As the holiday was announced there was excitement among my team mates and i found it very astonishing to find their enthusiasm about celebrating independence day. But I later realised that they were excited for the long weekend they would be getting to enjoy it in their native, plan films and picnics.
We later got a mail saying that there will be flag hoisting in the campus. Don't know how many of them will be attending.

Supriya AcharyaSupriya Acharya, noted singer
Globalisation has definitely brought down our patriotism. I rememberthe days as a kid when we had speech competitions, patriotic song competition and other such contests in our school. The prize given for these competitions were also books on freedom fighters. The intent of such competitions were to inform people and children about our country. But offlate, a flag hoisting will be done on this day in schools and colleges and after that people get back to work and children get back to their home works.

T N SeetharamT N Seetharam, noted Director
As a young boy I remember that the whole of village used to get together and hoist flag. On this auspicious day, we wouldnot invite film stars as chief guests, but invited real freedom fighters and learnt from them their real struggle for freedom. But now most of the freedom fighters are no more and present generation invite film actors even if they hold a ceremony for indepedence day.

Dr Saraswathi RameshDr Saraswathi Ramesh, Gyaenacologist
At present, holidays are declared to schools and colleges and offices which should not be done. Certain programmes have to be organised to educate people about this day and the struggle our freedom fighters went through to get the freedom which everybody is enjoying now.

Increasing globalisation have been receding our country values. Let us not let globalisation fade away our values. This would be our salute to our motherland. Jai Hind!!

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