Two-and-a-half month old goat found lactating milk in Bihar village

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Rasulpur (Bihar), Aug.9 : A two-and-a-half-month old goat, who is stilln its mother's milk, is lactating milk from its underdeveloped udders tohe surprise of everyone in Rasulpur Village in Bihar's Dharbhanga District.

Mohammad Iqbal, the owner of the goat, is at his wits end to explain how theid yields milk without reaching maturity.

"The kid is two-and-a-half months old and gives around 1.5 litres of milker day. The surprising part is that it is not fully grown up. Neighboursemain curious to take a glimpse of this goat," said Hamid, Mohammed Iqbal'seighbour.

The milk is used at Mohammed Iqbal's home, as his son likes the deliciousilk.

"I drink the kid goat's milk daily these days, as it tastes sweet. I alsoive them to other people for having it. Besides, I play with this goat kidnd take complete care of it," said Mohammad Saddam.

Iqbal feels it's a God's blessing, though some villagers consider it asivine occurrence for their place.

Veterinarians near the village, view it as a just another unusual case.

"Though this should not be termed as an ordinary case but it's notmpossible yet. May be the level of the milk producing hormones of this goatid have increased which is producing the milk even before its growingompletely," said Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh, Head of the Veterinary Clinic,anuman Nagar, Darbhanga. By Ajay Kumar

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