Can hypnotism replace anaesthesia?

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If you think getting your tooth scooped is a painful process, then think again. Now drilling tooth or scooping it can be painless. And what more, it has no side effects and is reasonable also. We are talking about hypnotism.

Hypnotism in Europe has been widely used by doctors off late due to its painless and economic value. Only the skin of the patient is cut using local anaesthesia and the patient will be hypnotised during the operation. There are patients who have undergone this and they felt no pain during the operation.

Hypnosis, is a temporary condition of altered attention in an individual. There are two kinds of hypnosis being, light hypnosis and deep hypnosis. In deep hypnosis, complete anaesthesia may be experienced. In the treatment of medical or psychological problems, deep hypnosis can be used for an effective treatment.

Some of them do argue against hypnotism saying that it works only on those who have the capacity to 'turn off'. Moreover, the skin has most of the nerves and the 'hypnotist' doctor uses local anaesthesia. But some are also of the opinion that the ultra sharp scalpels used in operations are the reason for the meagre pain.

Considering all these arguments, it seems a long time before hypnotism takes the place of standard anaesthesia.

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