A typical Brit picnic contains fats recommended for two days!

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London, July 31 : A classic British picnic is dreadfully unhealthy as it contains as much fat as should be consumed over two whole days, a new research has claimed.

An alfresco meal, which includes Scotch eggs, pork pies as well as sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, a slice of cake and fizzy drinks would take the equivalent of a brisk eight-hour walk to work off, according to a study from vegetarian brand Quorn, reports The Scotsman.

A picnic can contain around 2,600 calories and 176g of fat, the researchers claimed.

Government guidelines suggest no more than 70g of fat a day for women and 95g for men is healthy.

The style of the meal - a series of snacks leisurely spread out over a two-hour period or longer - also means it is easier to eat more.

A healthy picnic can include strawberries, humus, chicken and potato salad, the study advised.

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