Will Smith to resurrect 'I am Legend' role in prequel

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Washington, July 31 : Will Smith is all set to revive his hit character of Dr. Robert Neville' in the prequel of 'I am Legend'.

Director Francis Lawrence said that he is planning the prequel to the movie.

According to the grapevine, Will Smith will return to the silver screen with the prequel to the futuristic movie, which is supposed to complete the beginning of the first part.

"Absolutely there will be a prequel, we're actually trying to crack that, we're trying to figure out some ideas for it, but yes, it would be a prequel," Contactmusic quoted Lawrence, as saying.

The director also revealed that filming 'I am Legend' was not a cakewalk, as large areas of New York had to be closed down for the shoot creating chaos for commuters and city walkers.

"The first time you go out there and shut down 6th Avenue, it's like, 'How are we going to do this day after day after day?' But by the end, it's just like you know how to do it," Lawrence said.

"You got the PAs (personal assistants) who know how to shut it down, how to let the traffic through in between set-ups and you just sort of get the routine down, so that's not the issue," Lawrence added.

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