'Dark Knight' may outdo 'Titanic' at box office

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Washington, July 31 : Titanic's box-office success was so magnanimous that its stature seemed unbeatable - until the 'Dark Knight' happened.

According to the grapevine, 'Dark Knight' already has 400 million dollars to its credit just 200 million below from Titanic's 600 million record.

According to Vicki Kunkel, author of 'Upcoming Instant Appeal', 'Titanic' has all the key elements that light up the endorphins of brain including a love story, a self-sacrificing heroine, a selfless hero, and the battle between the good and the bad.

"Anything that makes us feel good is addictive," E! Online quoted her, as saying.

However, Kunkel finds a couple of these elements in 'Dark Knight' as well, especially the battle between the good and the bad.

'Dark Knight' has reportedly gained much more popularity due to the presence of late Heath Ledger in his superb performance as the arch villain the Joker.

Jeffrey Simonoff, professor of statistics at New York University's Stern School of Business says it won't be surprising to see 'Dark Knight' reaching Titanic's position in the near future.

"Then again, it wouldn't be surprising if it fell 0 million short" Simonoff added.

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