Meet the piglet that has the 'face of a monkey'!

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London, July 30 : Local residents in a remote Chinese village have been astonished by the birth of a piglet whose countenance resembles a monkey's face.

It is said to have a simian jaw, bulging forehead, and small snout.

The animal's eyes are so close together that they appear almost attached.

Since its front legs are much shorter than its back legs, it hops rather than walk on all fours like a normal piglet.

It was one of five piglets recently born to a sow owned by a family in Fengzhang village, Xiping township.

"It's hideous. No one will be willing to buy it, and it scares the family to even look at it," the Telegraph quoted owner Feng Changlin as telling the Oriental Today newspaper.

The remarkable features of the piglet have made it a local tourist attraction, with people coming from across the area to click its snaps.

Everyone in Feng's family likes the piglet.

"Our son likes to play with it, and he stopped us from getting rid of it. He even feeds it milk," said Feng's wife.

The piglet's rare condition is thought to be caused by a form of holoprosencephaly, a brain development disorder that can cause cyclopia, the failure of eyes to properly separate.

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