BJP demands TV channel to air 'cash-for-vote' tapes

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{image-venkaih naidu_29072008.jpg}Kochi, Jul 29: Asserting that the BJP was not behind the 'cash-for-vote' sting operation carried out by a TV channel during the recent Confidence Motion in Parliament, senior party leader M Venkaiah Naidu on Tuesday, July 29. demanded that the tapes be telecast.

Wondering why the channel was not telecasting the tapes, he said at a press conference here adding that the channel was ''duty-bound'' to explain the purpose of the sting operation.''Why did it take them more than 30 hours to give the tape to the Speaker. What happened in between. The channel's action is intriguing,'' he added. Asked about party leader Sushma Swaraj's statement that the recent explosions in Bangalore and Ahmedabad were carried out to divert attention from the bribery scam, Mr Naidu said both the issues were serious and both should be debated.

He faulted the Speaker for not showing the tapes to the leaders of political parties and carrying on with the voting on the Confidence Motion.

Claiming that the vote was ''invalid'' as several MPs were standing during the exercise, Mr Naidu said as per Parliamentary regulations, all MPs should be seated, otherwise the voting would become invalid.

Charging the UPA government with ''manipulating a majority out of a minority'', he said the use of voting slips by as many as 45 MPs was unusual.

Asked about certain BJP MPs succumbing to bribery, Mr Naidu said ''I am not justifying (what happened). The temptation was so high.

Rs 30 crore was being offered. This is a weak spot. We will do something about it,'' he added.

He said as of now, there was no plan to move a No-Confidence Motion against the Government in the Monsoon Session of Parliament.


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