Most Brits believe that UFOs do exist

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London, July 28 : Skeptics might claim that 'aliens don't exist' but majority of people in the UK believe that the extraterrestrial life subsists, according to a survey.

The poll of more than 1,500 adults revealed that 43 per cent of the people believe in alien life compared to only 36 per cent who insist they do not.

Nine per cent of those polled are convinced they have seen a UFO.

Men and women are equally likely to believe, as are people living in different parts of the country, reports The Sun.

About 79 per cent believe that life probably exists elsewhere in the universe, while 68 per cent believe that it will be found in our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Moreover, 13 per cent believe that the aliens already live among us.

The survey also showed that up to 37 per cent believe that the aliens have already visited Earth.

Half of the Brit population agreed that the Government is holding back information on UFOs and more than half think US authorities are doing the same.

As many as 45 per cent of the respondents have cited crop circles, as an evidence of alien visits, the Pyramids or Stonehenge as proof of extra-terrestrial contact.

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