Kate Middleton wishing for a summer wedding

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London, July 27 : Kate Middleton, it seems, can't stay way from Prince William for too long, for the stunner is poised to set a wedding date with the royal sometime in summer.

William is currently out on a drug-busting mission with his Navy pals in the Caribbean.

And all this while Middleton is yearning for her man so that she's told pals that she wants to spend the rest of her life with the royal and is hoping for a summer wedding.

However, there won't be any announcements till the time the groom in question returns from his mission with the Royal Navy.

"Kate has missed him terribly while he's been away. She's found it really hard as she's only been able to speak to him when his ship has been docked close to shore due to poor phone reception. But he's back soon and Kate is very excited," The Daily Star quoted a source close to her family, as saying.

In the meantime, Royal courtiers have apparently discussed with government sources about the possibility of making any wedding a national holiday.

Kate has even told friends that this may be the last Christmas she spends with her family as she may be a part of the royal household by next year.

"Kate is very loyal and only confides in the people closest to her. She recently told her family this Christmas would be the last one she spends with them, which is a firm indication of the couple's plans," said the source.

The source added: "It all depends on how quickly they can get things sorted. They've been discussing their plans with royal officials for some time, so they're pretty confident it will be next summer."

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