Culture determines continuity of civilization: Vatsyayan

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New Delhi, Jul 25 (UNI) Rajya Sabha MP Dr Kapila Vatsyayan said culture determines continuity of civilization and lavished accolades on Indian women for having kept alive continuity of traditions in a society fast gravitating towards modernity.

Speaking yesterday on occasion of the release of socialite Ms Anju Poddar's book ''Our Festivals Our Traditions'' Dr Vatsyayan said, ''Festivals like Holi and Diwali are markers of seasonal change. They remind us that there is the solar and the lunar system.'' ''Culture determines continuity of civilization and devises epistemology, which in turn make us aware of seasons. Festivals teach us that each ritual has a symbolic meaning,'' Dr Vatsyayan, Chairperson India International Centre-Asia Project, said.

''Use of the plant Tulsi is of scientific import as it gives out oxygen both during day and night,'' she said.

Highlighting the significance of death, which has been included in the final chapter of the book, she said the journey of a person from birth to death is that of possession, change and preparing for another journey in afterlife.

Ms Anju Poddar said she had been inspired from people around her, especially those of the present generation who are ignorant about the country's deep rooted culture and traditions, to write the book.

The book has been written in English and Hindi lucidly for the benefit of the reader, she said. She said her main aim in writing the book was to preserve Indian traditions and cultural heritage.

Hailing the fortitude and tenacity of Indian women, Ms Poddar said, ''Woman gives birth, nourishes her children, essays the role of life partner with finesse, keeps the family together even in adversity even as she remembers to celebrate festivals and other auspicious occasions with traditional fervour.'' She said the book was a compilation of traditions, sholaks, festivals and other facets of our pristine culture and heritage.

''Our festivals are environment friendly and devoid of superstitions,'' she added.

She dedicated the book to women of India, who as mothers, have kept alive the country's cultural legacy by inculcating age-old values and traditions to posterity.


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