UPA, BJP collaborated for fear of Mayawati, Left

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New Delhi, Jul 23 (UNI) In a counter-offensive to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's attack on the Left saying they wanted him to behave like a bonded slave, the Left parties today claimed that Dr Singh chose to remain so only to fulfill the demands of the corporate houses.

They also observed that a section of the BJP, backed by the RSS, hobnobed with the ruling coalition because if the government would have been defeated, the credit would have gone to Ms Mayawati and the Left which the Sangh Parivar did not approve of. The Left parties sharp reaction came a day after the PM, during his reply to the confidence motion, stated that,''they wanted a veto over every step of negotiations which is not acceptable.They wanted me to behave as their bonded slave.'' CPI leaders A B Bardhan and Shamim Faizi said that his attack on the Left reflected basic tenet of the person and former employee of the world bank.

''Characterisation of him being a bonded slave meant all the pro-people measures like the National Rural Employment Gurantee Scheme, Right to Information Act and the Forests Rights Act were forced by the Left, whereas he wanted to push through the agenda of the corporate houses and the international finance capital.

''By pushing the nuclear deal he is trying to make India subservient to the US imperalism. The Left was the biggest hurdle in his nefarious agenda.So he feels free now to push forward the economic reforms and bind India to the US imperalism.

On Mr Singh's statement,CPM senior leaders M K Pandhe and Mohammed Salim wanted to know whether the PM would now be the bonded slave of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav.

On the PM's charge that the Left vetoed his every step on the deal said, ''It was not the Left veto but his clinging to the chair.

It became clear yesterday when they said, ''He and his team (officials and non-officials) did everything not to win the trust of Parliament but to create mistrust in the nation and allowed to destroy his carefully nurtured image.

Now everything lies bare in the eyes of the world, how the majority was manfactured displaying all sorts of dirty tricks.'' They said it is crystal clear that majority of the MPs have been against the deal but the government managed to win the confidence motion with all kinds of defections, abstentions and absences.

Forward Bloc National Secretary G Devrajan said now the government will try to satiate the demand of the corporate houses like the FDI in retail sector privatisation of the PSUs, more FDI in insurance and banks and full convertibility of rupee.

On the BJP's gameplan, the CPI leaders said, indeed the BJP did so as its heart is for the strategic partnership with the US and it was under pressure from the imperalist powers to bail out the government on the nuclear deal.

The French Ambassador met Rajnath Singh before the trust vote and appealed to him to allow the government to conclude the deal.US diplomats were too busy to bring the BJP on board.


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