Jalandhar girl revives the 'Pakhawaj'

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Jalandhar, July 21 : Sarabjit Kaur of Jalandhar, a versatile artist, has been successful in playing an instrument almost near to extinction.

She is an expert in playing the 'Pakhawaj' an ancient Indian barrel shaped percussion instrument. The instrument she is playing on may be new to Punjab, but 25-year-old Sarabjeet wants to popularize it.

Pakhawaj, a rich and deep sounding barrel shaped drum, often referred to as "the King of Indian Drums" sets its majestic tone.

"I was not very passionate about learning the Pakhawaj, but my interest gradually developed. I am a classical dancer. My music teacher insisted that I take up playing the Pakhawaj. After acquiring a basic knowledge of the instrument, I started playing it on my own," she said.

A recipient of numerous awards in dancing, theatre and music, she is a multi-talented personality. She had lost her father at an early age, but she did not give up her efforts.

"To become a successful artist, one has to struggle a lot. My ultimate aim is to earn fame for my family," she said.

For a livelihood, Sarabjeet has established a dance and music institute. She also teaches Tabla and Harmonium along with Indian classical dance.

At an age when youngsters are struggling, she has established herself as a successful multi-talented artist as well as a teacher.

"Students show keenness in Pakhawaj, and are curious about its rhythms. They want to be proficient in playing this rare instrument. Parents, too, shows interest in Pakhawaj and let their children gain knowledge of it," she said.

Surprisingly, Sarabjeet also wants her students to be proficient in western dance. She invited her friend, who teaches western dance, to train children in Bollywood numbers and salsa.

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