A look at Muslim life in America

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New Delhi, Jul 21 (UNI) A multimedia exhibition depicting Muslim life in America was today inaugurated by US Embassy Charge d' Affaires Steven J White and Jamia Millia Islamia Vice Chancellor Mushirul Hasan.

Entitled ''Building Islam in Detroit: Foundations/Forms/futures'', the exhibition at University's FTK centre for Information and technology depicts public and private spaces that Muslims have built in Detroit, Michigan.

A collective effort of faculty and graduate students of the University of Michigan, it is an insight into the story of successful establishment of Islamic presence in the multicultural American society through the diversity of the architecture of this Community -- their Mosques, houses, school and neighbourhood.

Mr White said ''the exibit shows how immigrants from many parts of the globe have brought their Islamic faith and culture to Detroit, and how they have adapted to their new home and changed the city around them.'' There are approximately 150,000 Muslims and more than 50 mosques in Detroit today.

The exhibition has already been to the United States, Ethiopia and Pakistan and ''would continue its tour to different parts of India'', a representative of the US Embassy said.

The work is open to public viewing from July 22-25.


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