Scientists find why we lack concentration

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London, Jul 17 (UNI) Do not rebuke your child if he/she fails to pay attention to studies, for a certain chemical may not be present in the brain, causing lapses in concentration.

According to scientists at Newcastle University and University College London, the brain needs a specific chemical called acetylcholine, which if not present, caused lack of concentration.

The researchers conducted a study on macaque monkeys and observed that the simians paid better attention to tasks when the neurochemical acetylcholine was present. The brain cells needed the chemical to send signals around the nervous system.

''Our research shows that for us to have full attention and awareness the neurons and specific receptors in the brain require a dose of acetylcholine to get them into the correct state. When this happens correctly the brain has higher levels of attention,'' lead researcher professor Alex Thiele said.

The research could provide a significant breakthrough in the development of treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and attention deficit disorder.

''Many of these processes in the brain have a role in conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit disorders and other neurological conditions associated with awareness and attention. I hope that this work might be able to help sufferers in the future.'' the Telegraph quoted professor Thiele as saying.


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