Posh and Becks' American dream goes 'kaput'

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London, July 16 : They ruled the roost in the UK, but the Beckhams' dream of doing the same in America has reportedly soured.

And, it's not only their dream, but also their relationship that's on the slide, what with arguments breaking out at the drop of a hat whenever they sit down to discuss where to head next.

Their gloom is making its presence felt even in their latest snapshots, with David, 33, and Victoria, 34, avoiding looking at each other.

"Even with all their cash, it appears the La-La Land dream has finally soured," Daily Star quoted a source, as saying.

"They are finding out that money can't buy you good friends, publicity - or personal happiness."

Posh is of course also reportedly smarting from newspaper stories that her footie hubby was seen exchanging sexy glances with a brunette while driving and ogling at cheerleaders.

Also worrying is that Becks has taken to driving around alone at night.

A source said: "Victoria was livid when she found out that David had been driving around Hollywood without a bodyguard. The very thought made her sick with worry.

"She brought it up as soon as she saw him and the discussion rumbled on over dinner at Il Sole. He would never put her or the children at risk but she wants him to understand that he needs to look after his own safety, too. Victoria worries that now David's football career isn't as high-octane as it was before, he's getting his kicks by getting into car chases with photographers."

The source added: "Posh and Becks planned to take over California, but it hasn't happened.

"You could say their American dream is over."

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