Rajkot zoo encourages people to adopt inmates

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By Suresh Soni

Rajkot, July 14 : In a bid to create awareness and foster human and animal bond, Pandit Deendayal zoo run by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC) here is encouraging its visitors to sponsor its inmates for their upkeep.

"Under the programme any person is free to adopt an animal from zoo.

There are different amounts to be paid for different animals. Though a person cannot take home an animal but can pay for the maintenance of the animal," said Jayman Upadyaya, standing committee chairman at RMC.

"This is done to spread awareness among the people to bridge the gap between animals and human beings," said Kashyap Shukla, councilor with civic authority.

The initiative is receiving tremendous response from visitors.

The zoo has over 13 cages with 100 inmates of several species of birds and animals. Bird lovers can also go for adoption.

For animals like the leopard, one will have to pay more around Rs 62,000 per year, while a lion will cost Rs 1.25 lakh for a year.

There are 12 big cats at the zoo, including five cubs, two lioness and four lions. This zoo has also been a authorised breeding centre for the Asiatic lions.

The donation made for the adoption of lions will also be utilised in taking care of Asiatic lions.

Those who adopt any animal even for a day will be provided with a certificate. And, those who donate over Rs 2,000 can also see their nameplate on the cage of any animal of their choice.

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