Jailed Fielder-Civil desperate to get back into Winehouse's life

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London, July 13 : Amy Winehouse's incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil pleaded to be let back into the singer's life in a tearful prison call.

According to sources, Fielder-Civil used one of his two weekly calls to grovel Winehouse's father Mitch for one final chance to rebuild his relationship with the 24-year-old singer.

He is desperate to convince him that he has a future with his daughter.

Mitch has agreed to the request but warned the 26-year-old to clean up his act as Winehouse's delicate health means even one cigarette could kill her'.

"Blake was distraught when he spoke to Mitch," the Daily Star quoted a source, as saying.

"Amy thinks he could be out in days but Blake is more realistic and knows he could be facing a long stretch behind bars.

"He pledged to clean up and said he would keep Amy clean too.

"He knows it's his responsibility as a husband to keep her away from anything that could kill her.

"He was desperate for an assurance that on his release he would get the chance to be with Amy again - and he knows Mitch is the key to making that happen.

"Thankfully for Blake, Mitch agreed but he was warned that anything unhealthy - even a cigarette - could kill Amy.

"He knows his daughter loves Blake and for that reason alone he has granted him one last chance to save his marriage," the source added.

Fielder-Civil is in the segregation unit at London's Pentonville jail waiting to be sentenced for beating up a pub landlord and attempting to cover up the crime.

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