Nacro-tests in Aarushi case is illegal: Charles Sobhraj

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Kathmandu, Jul 12: Notorious criminal Charles Sobhraj is has taken keen interest in sensational Aarushi murder case,which rocked India two months ago. Sobhraj, who is privileged to watch television and read newspapers in the jail, keeps a tab on the developments relating to the case, said a prison staff.

"Every crime has a logic. To solve a crime, you have to study psychology and human behaviour," says 64-year-old Sobhraj. Sobhraj, with his extensive knowledge of crime, says the CBI-conducted narco-tests would not be accepted by any Indian court.

Under the influence of drugs, Rajkumar is recently reported to have told investigators that Krishna was humiliated by Aarushi's father and wanted to take revenge. Accordingly, he, Krishna and Hemraj went to Aaurushi's room on that fateful night in May, Rajkumar reportedly told CBI investigators after the recent test in Bangalore, which is being hailed as a breakthrough in the murder case.

He also reportedly said he attempted to sexually abuse Aarushi and when she resisted, Krishna slit her throat with a khukuri - the sharp dagger used in Nepal -to silence her.

'CBI never took prior permission of any court to administer the narco-tests," Sobhraj told prison staff in Kathmandu's central jail. "Therefore, it is illegal." Sobhraj added that the CBI, being under intense pressure from the media, resorted to the tests in order to find a scapegoat.

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