Muslims condemn attempts to separate community on N Deal

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New Delhi, Jul 11 (UNI) Several prominent Muslim individuals and organisations have denounced the attempts to link the opposition to the Indo-US nuclear deal only to the Muslims.

Some groups from the community have decided to form an alliance of like-minded organisations cutting across all religion and communities to oppose the deal describing it as against national interest.

President of the All India Muslim Women's Forum Sughra Memnhdi said it was sinister and also ridiculous to separate Muslims from other communities on the issue.

''I am not an expert. I am tryng to understand the deal. But my common sense tells me that if the proposed pact with the US was harmful for the country, it was harmful for all those living here,'' she told UNI.

It is not only the Muslims, but also others, who are against the deal, and there are so many who are for it, so in such a situation associating a religion to the deal was menaingless and dangerous too, she said.

Samajwadi Party MP Rasheed Masood has also condemned the attempts to invlove Muslims in the issue.

He said he supported the deal because he thought it would be for the good of the country, but there were so many Muslims who were opposed to it, not because they were Muslims but because they were thinking individuals and they had the right to find merit or demerit in the deal.

Mr Masood criticised some political parties which were trying to unnecesassrily involve Muslims on the issue of opposition to the deal, saying they were doing it just to further their political ends.

''I am not supporting the deal because I happen to be a Samajwadi party MP, but because I have given thought to it, and as a citizen of the country, I understand it is for the good of the country,'' said Mr Masood.

He, especially condemned the BSP and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati for ''repeating almost everyday'' that the deal was anti-Muslim.

''After campaigning for Narendra Modi in Gujarat, Ms Mayawati should now stop worrying for the Muslims,'' he said.

Earlier, another Muslim MP of the party, Salim Sherwani, had also crticised the attempts to give a religious colour to the opposition to the deal.

Groups like Jamat-e-Islami, Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Markazi Jamiat Ulema-E-Hind and Majlis-E-Fikr-O-Amal have taken an intiative to form an alliance against the Indo-US nuclear deal, saying it was not in national interest.

''It is not a question of Muslims or Hindus. We are opposing the deal because we believe it would harm the interest of the country.

We would welcome all like-minded people and organisations to join in our efforts,'' convenor of the proposed alliance Qasim Rasool Ilyas said.

He also said these organisations took the decision to rally people against the deal at a seminar they organised here last week at which experts from diffferent walks of life and communities participated.

The discussion in the seminar brought out some facts whch clearly showed that the cost of the nuclear energy would be prohibitive and the energy would not be more than six per cent of the country's energy basket, so it would be foolish to go for the pact with the US while having other sources of energy like coal and sun which could be exploited, said Mr Ilyas.

Moreover, there was no need to go in for a costlier energy source at the cost of the country's independence to pursue a foreign policy suiting its interest, he added.

Mr Ilyas said talks for formation of the alliance were on with several organisations in different parts of the country, and another meeting in this connection would be convened here soon.


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