Becks is living - and loving - the American dream

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London, July 11 : After a year living in the US, footie ace David Beckham admits that he's living the American dream - and loving every minute of it.

Becks made the admission to British newspaper The Sun in an interview.

"It's going really well. Brilliant," he told the paper.

"One of the things we wanted to do when we arrived was improve the league and help improve the game. I believe this has happened.

"We are really settled, I must admit. There's not a single regret.

"People questioned why I came over here so early, but they were asking a few months before whether I could play at the top level.

"You'll always have a few people who doubt you. But everything is positive and I am so happy here.

Especially happy, he reveals, are wife Victoria and the couple's sons.

"Victoria is happy here and likes working here," he said.

"The kids are happy in school and they love their life here. We have been settled every place we have lived. London, Manchester, Madrid.

"Los Angeles is no different."

His kids, he says, are already picking up the American accent.

"After being here 12 months, I don't have an American accent but the kids are starting to get one.

"They're at school every day and learning different things about America. This is to be expected. I lived in Manchester and didn't get the accent. I've always sounded like a Londoner," he said.

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