Geri Halliwell 'loves talking about poo and wee'

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New Delhi, July 10 : Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has admitted that she loves toilet jokes, accents and discussing 'poo and wee'.

The singer, who is now a kids' author, revealed that she has a mischievous side and often plays pranks on her friends.

"A lot of people have said that I've got a voice that speaks to children. I think I've got a cultural naivety to me. I'm childish. I have a huge toilet humour - I love talking about poo and wee," China Daily quoted her, as telling Britain's The Observer newspaper .

"I also like doing accents. One of my friends works in hotel reservations and I'll ring her up and complain about the suite - sometimes I get her," she added.

Geri also said her kiddish ways have also rubbed off on her two-year-old daughter, Bluebell.

"My daughter Bluebell is a cheeky monkey. What I like about her is she is really confident. She says to my mum - 'That's not lilac, that's purple',"she said.

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