RSPCA brands Jamie Oliver's new show 'immoral'

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Melbourne, July 7 : The RSPCA has branded celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's new show as 'immoral' because it shows him gassing chicks and electrocuting a chicken.

The animal rights group's move may come as a surprise to Oliver, especially since his show, Jamie's Fowl Dinners, is part of his crusade to highlight the cruelty of battery farming.

"It's immoral," the Herald Sun quoted RSPCA spokesman Hugh Worth, as saying.

"You don't inflict pain and suffering on an animal to make people aware. You just don't do that because it's wrong."

Animal Liberation Victoria spokeswoman Debra Tranter also said that the TV chef's actions were cruel and misguided.

"I like what he is trying to achieve, but he has gone about it the wrong way," she said.

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