Earth too far for aliens?

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London, Jul 5: You thought the saucer shaped spaceship you spotted flying overhead last night was a UFO? ''No way!'', says a leading expert who recently dismissed suggestions that our planet has ever been visited by aliens from outer space, saying it was just too far to get to Earth by the spaceship.

Following reported sightings of the UFOs, there has been renewed speculation that aliens may be watching us but Professor Christian Kaiser of the Southampton University, said, '' There may be life out there but it is unlikely anyone has made it this far.'' The proof of life on another planet would be a huge scientific discovery and would also severely challenge our social, political and religious thinking, he said.

''However, the distances between stars in our galaxy are enormous. Therefore, there is no way that life forms from another planet, if such exist, could have already visited us on Earth,'' the Telegraph quoted Dr Kaiser as saying.


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