Queenslanders among folks who live longest in the world

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Melbourne, July 3 : Women on Queensland's Sunshine Coast have the longest life expectancy in Australia, according to a new study.

The study revealed that women on the Sunshine Coast live to an average of 84.7 years, followed by those in the agricultural area southeast of Perth who live 84.6 years.

The life expectancies for women in Perth, Western Australia's midlands, and outer Adelaide were found to be 84.4 years, 84.3 years, and 84.2 years respectively.

So far as men's life expectancy is concerned, those in Melbourne and Canberra have the longest lives, at 80 years.

They are followed by men in Perth (79.8 years) and Sydney (79.7 years).

Overall, the ACT was found to have the highest life expectancy of any state of territory, with men living on average for 80 years and women 83.9 years.

By capital city, Perth had the longest life expectancy, with 79.8 years for men and 84.4 for women.

It was followed by Melbourne, with 80 years for men and 84.1 years for women.

Next was Sydney with the life expectancy of 79.7 years for men and 83.9 years for women.

Darwin residents had the nation's lowest life expectancy at 76.1 years for men and 81.8 years for women.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare said that Australians, on average, live to 81.4 years, which is the second longest life expectancy in the world behind Japan.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, however, live an average of 17 years less than their non-indigenous counterparts.

Ageing Minister Justine Elliot said that people were living longer due to advances in medicine and active lifestyles.

"We are now seeing baby boomers begin to retire (and) they are changing ageing forever. They are healthy, active and want to live at home as long as possible," the Australian quoted her as saying.

Australian regions with highest life expectancies for women:

1. Sunshine Coast (84.7 years)

2. Upper Great Southern (WA) (84.6 years)

3. Perth (84.4 years)

4. Midlands (WA) (84.3 years)

5. Outer Adelaide (84.2 years)

6. Melbourne (84.1 years)

6. South East (SA) (84.1 years)

7. South West (WA) (84.0 years)

8. ACT (83.9 years)

8. Sydney (83.9 years)

8. Gold Coast (83.9 years)

9. Western Australia (83.8 years)

10. Victoria (83.7 years)

Australian regions with highest life expectancies for men:

1. Melbourne (80 years)

1. ACT (80 years)

2. Perth (79.8 years)

3. Sydney (79.7 years)

4. Lower Great Southern (WA) (79.6 years)

5. Sunshine Coast (79.4 years)

5. South West (WA) (79.4 years)

6. Victoria (79.3 years)

6. Brisbane (79.3 years)

6. Gold Coast (79.3 years)

7. Western Australia (79.1 years)

8. Outer Adelaide (79 years)

9. Barwon (78.9 years)

10. Darling Downs (78.8 years)

Capital cities with the longest life expectancies:

1. Perth

2. Melbourne

3. Sydney

4. Canberra

5. Brisbane

6. Adelaide

7. Hobart

8. Darwin

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