The 'honey trap' hunk who gets paid to test fidelity of wives, girlfriends!

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London, July 2 : When Richard Martinez goes out clubbing at night, it's not partying that surrounds his mind - the British bloke's target is to flirt and flatter a woman, so that he can test their fidelity.

The 38-year-old former RAF officer "honey trapper", who owns the Expedite Detective Agency, charges 300 pounds for an integrity test on a potential cheat.

It carries out surveillance and missing persons enquiries, as well as up to 100 honey traps a year.

The muscle bound hunk earns 300 pounds a night, which are given by suspicious husbands and boyfriends to test the fidelity of their partners.

"I act as the eyes and ears of any anxious man who suspects his partner of cheating. I offer proof if his wife or girlfriend will stray," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

Almost every weekend, Richard heads to a location arranged with a client and waits for the "target".

Usually aged from her late 20s to early 40s, the woman will be with two or three mates and dressed for a girls' night out.

She will normally be showing a lot of leg or cleavage but rarely both, reckons Richard. And her looks will vary vastly.

At some point, Richard will catch the woman's eye and smile, before moving in to tempt her into four "cheating" crimes.

She fails his test if she says she is single, swaps phone numbers, arranges a date or lunges at him.

About half the women he meets open the conversation themselves but Richard has plenty of lines ready if they don't.

Their chat can last for hours or just minutes if the target gives him the cold shoulder.

Richard said: "What I do is enticement, not entrapment. I'm not encouraging women to do something they wouldn't otherwise do.

"I never touch a target or force her to talk to me. Ideally, she'd speak first but if I do have to initiate conversation, I'll be more chatty than flirtatious and just try to react to things she says," he added.

Nearly half the women Richard tests take the bait. A few lean in for a kiss and one or two make a grab for his wedding tackle too.


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