80s brainteaser the Rubik's Cube set for Christmas comeback

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London, July 2 : Eighties brainteaser the Rubik's Cube is set to make a comeback as one of the most popular toys this Christmas, according to Woolworths.

The 9.99 pounds puzzle, where the aim is to twist and turn the faces until every one is a solid colour, is among Woolworths' Top Ten prezzie list.

The Rubik's Cube, invented by Hungarian Erno Rubik in 1974, fell out of favour in the 1990s but is experiencing a revival following the popularity of tutorials on YouTube and 'speedcubing', where players compete to be the first to match the colours.

The current world record is 8.72 seconds, set in May by Yu Nakajima, of Japan.

The toy was first called Magic Cube, but became huge in the 1980s after the name was changed.

A new generation were introduced to the Cube in Will Smith's 2006 film 'The Pursuit of Happyness,' set in 1981.

"The huge popularity of brainteasing games such as Nintendo's Brain Training have paved the way for Rubik's Cube's return," The Sun quoted Steve Jebson, commercial director of Woolworths, as saying.

"There won't be many teens without one this year," he added.

Woolworths predicts that 19.99 pounds Indiana Jones whip will top the best-seller list this Christmas, after the success of this year's movie 'Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.'

Star Wars Lego is also expected to be in demand, as well as 20.99 pounds sing-along dolls from Disney flick 'High School Musical.'

And the 34.99 pounds Upsy Daisy In Her Bed doll, from BBC children's show 'In The Night Garden,' is also expected to be a big seller.

"This year's Top Ten is packed with a mix of new hits and old favourites." Jebson said.

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