Oz city of Cairns soon turning into the ogling capital of the world!

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Melbourne, July 1 : Men ogling at scantily dressed girls in Cairns CBD have faced serious blasting from young women who say that they find it disgusting to see these men gawking when they walk along the streets or sunbathe at the Lagoon.

The females have also accused the construction workers of sexual harassment because they wolf whistle when the girls pass-by.

Karissa Harris, a Cairns hospitality worker said that she is so sick of "yobbos" ruining her day that she texted The Cairns Post to say: "I've had enough".

This 24-year-old girl said it seemed that some men felt they had a right to stare and comment on what they thought of her body.

"You can't even walk down the street without some yobbo sleazy bastard who's usually three times my age saying something derogatory," The Cairns Post quoted her, as saying.

She added: "It's not as if I'm dressed provocatively. I usually look like crap after working all day and I'm just walking to my car. I'll get things like, 'You haven't got a bad set on ya, love' and, 'Wouldn't mind a bit of that'. Well, excuse me, my boobs may have a bit of bounce but I shouldn't have to strap them down should I?"

While speaking to The Cairns Post, many women said that they got "creeped out" by the number of fully clothed men who sat and stared while they bathed in the sun.

However, German visitor Sara Weisgerber said that the problem is not just limited to Australia, as this seems like an international issue, with German men being just as bad as the locals.

On the other hand, a carpenter at Cairns, who did not want to be named, confessed that he did not hesitate to have "a look" if a pretty girl walked past his construction site, but never went beyond that.

He pointed out that some of his co-workers wolf whistled or called out at the girls but only if they were scantily dressed.

"If the girls didn't want us to look at them they would probably put more clothes on," he said.

Two men Dave and Aaron, who did not want their last names used, indicated that according to them men seemed to be getting less subtle when they perved.

"It's generally the older guys. Younger guys are a bit more discreet. But girls aren't shy any more about telling them off. They'll say: 'Ease up grandad, you'll have a heart attack' or 'You're old enough to be my father'," said Dave.

However, Harris said that she and her girlfriends think that the harassment was getting worse.

"Do these guys honestly think their remarks make our day? It's disgusting," she said.

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