Brit council mayor's car flag banned on safety grounds!

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London, June 30 : The Mayor of a borough council in Britain has been barred from using town flag on her official car on safety grounds.

Mayor Denise Joy of Maidstone Borough Council in Kent has been banned from flying an 8-inches and 5 wide coat of arms- the town's flag on her official limo following the fears that it might fall and hurt someone.

"The flag and insignia might fall off if the car is driven above a certain speed. We must avoid any chance of damaging other cars and inconveniencing other road users," The Sun quoted Neil Harris "democratic services manager," as saying.

The ruling by Maidstone Borough Council in Kent has stunned the mayor.

"There is a certain protocol when the mayor arrives at an event. If the car is not instantly recognised it may be directed into the wrong place which would be embarrassing," she said.

"The flag has never fallen off before or caused any accidents, so I don't know why it's being brought up now. It's health and safety gone mad," said a council insider.

Council Taxpayer Rachel Totterington, 24, fumed: "How can a little flag on the mayor's car be a health and safety risk? There are enough potholes around here to worry about - why worry about a little crest? It's crazy."

Head of communications Roger Adley said, "We're looking at options to put something on the outside and safety is one of the factors we are considering."

"The mayor's car has a very distinctive number plate - and the crest IS displayed on the dashboard," he added.

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