'Alien-invasion' threat in Britain intensifies with sightings of twelve UFOs

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London, June 30 : In the latest UFO riddle to grip Britain, families in Basingstoke have claimed that they spotted a dozen glowing orange objects floating over the town on June 28.

According to the witnesses, the 'alien' fleet hovered above the Hampshire town for 30 minutes - changing formation before their eyes.

David Osborne, an amateur astronomer, captured the unearthly phenomenon on video.

"My adrenaline was pumping and I was trembling all over. I've never seen anything like it. It was amazing," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

Osborne yelled to his daughters to grab his camera after he phoned nearby RAF Odiham and was told officials could not comment 'for security reasons'.

Osborne and his family had just settled down to watch alien invasion movie 'Independence Day' when the objects were spotted at 10.40pm.

The objects drifted across the sky, switching from a delta formation, to a random pattern, then an arched line and a triangle before disappearing.

"There were about 12 of these orange-coloured spherical objects. I thought, 'Oh my God - what the hell is that?' They were changing formation in the sky for half an hour," Osborne said.

"They weren't moving fast enough for a satellite and were hovering, not being blown about by the wind," he added.

Osborne's daughter Natalie said: "Chinook helicopters regularly fly over - but these were silent. It's scary."

Neighbour Debbie Bucksey, said: "I thought they might be fireworks but then the lights started switching formation."

Bucksey's daughter Rachel, described the UFOs as looking like 'upside down tears.'

Trucker Reg Lockyer, claimed he saw up to twenty of them.

"I thought it was absolutely a fleet of UFOs," he said.

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