Urvi, Dinkar adjudged best atheletes

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Pune, June 28 (UNI) Promising Urvi Khasnis of Pune mustered 1130 points and Dinkar Vasave of Akola aggregated 1233 points to capture gold in the triathlon event for girls and boys under-14 respectively to be adjudged the best athletes on the opening day today of the two-day Pune Mayors trophy state junior athletic championship which got underway here.

Ravidas Rathod of Sangli and Madhur Anjarlekar of Thane emerged the fastest athletes by winning the 100-meter sprint events for boys and the girls under-14 respectively. Rathod breezed past the tape stopping the clock at 12.3 seconds. Anjarlekar needed 12.9 seconds to cover the distance.

The boys and girls under-16 meet will get underway tomorrow, according to organizing secretary Pralhad Sawant.

Following are the results (All finals): Boys Under-14: 100 meters: Ravidas Rathod (Sangli) 1, Nilesh Suverna (Aur) 2, Gourang Ambre (Thane) 3. Time: 12.3 secs.

600 meters: Vikram Rithe (Nag) 1, Nilesh Saura (Aur) 2, Bhanuprakash Manchnene (Pune) 3. Time: 1:33:9.

High Jump: Kamlesh Nadar (Mum Sub) 1, Narendra Karayat (Thane) 2, Vikas Rajbhus (Thane) 3. Height: 1.49 mtrs.

Long Jump: Ravidas Rathod (Sangli) 1, Varun Sane (Mum City) 2, Narendra Karayat (Thane) 3. Dist: 5.60 mtrs.

Triathlon: Dinkar Vasave (Akola, 1233 pts) 1, Akshay Itambe (Aur, 1196 pts) 2, Bhanuprakash Manchnene (Pune, 1177 pts) 3.

Shot Put: Sarang Bhosale (Sangli) 1, Abhishek Bhilare (Thane) 2, Keyur Sanghvi (Thane) 3. Dist: 10.20 mtrs.

Girls Under-14: 100 meters: Madhur Anjarlekar (Thane) 1, Sanya Ichaporia (Mum-City) 2. Time: 12.9 secs.

600 meters: Insiya Thanawala (Thane) 1, Dhaneshwari Mujure (Thane) 2, Poornima Shinde (A'Nagar) 3. Time: 1:50:9.

High Jump: Nikita Kochrekar (Thane) 1, Julie Pundlik (Pune)2, Sonali Kudale (Pune) 3. Height: 1.31 mtrs.

Long Jump: Madhur Anjarlekar (Thane) 1, Sanya Ichaporiya (Mum-City) 2, Krutika Lad (Thane) 3. Dist: 4.81 mtrs.

Shot Put: Rakshada Chunigund (Pune) 1, Mehzeen Sharfaibadi (Thane) 2, Kajol Gondhale (A'Nagar) 3. Dist: 7.87 mtrs.

Triathlon: Urvi Khasnis (Pune, 1130 pts) 1, Nikita Ayre (Thane, 1014 pts) 2, Shama Ayushi (Thane, 968 pts) 3.


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