Father and brother murdered Pakistani girl: Canadian police

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Washington, June 28 : Police in Toronto, Canada concluded that the16-year-old-Pakistani girl Aqsa Parvez, was murdered by her father, a taxi driver and her brother, for refusing to wear the hijab or veil as is the custom for women in traditional Muslim households.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, "Instead of getting angry at the father and brother who are accused of planning the murder by luring the runaway teenager back to her home, leaders of the conservative and orthodox Muslim community made excuses."

"They gave explanations, spilling anger at the media and moderate Muslims, rather than at the two men charged with murder," the paper quoted Tarek Fatah, a leader of progressive Muslim opinion in Canada and the author of a widely-praised book on liberal Islam.

"At the time, I had said that this appeared to be a case of an honour killing, but we found few other Muslim leaders willing to slam the father, mother, sister and brother, who either joined hands in killing the young girl, or sat passively as the men of the family restored the 'family honour'," he added.

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