Men prefer sharing work on web more than women

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Washington, Jun 25 (UNI) Men and women may engage in creative pursuits at equal rates, however, while browsing the Net, one is more likely to come across works of men, rather than that of the fair sex, research shows.

A study published in the journal Information, Communication and Society found that men were more likely to share their creative work online than women.

They were also twice as likely to share on the Web music and videos they have created, compared with women who engaged in similar activities.

The study titled "The Participation Divide: Content Creation and Sharing in the Digital Age" found that almost two-thirds of men posted their work online while only half of women did so.

In their survey of creative content, the researchers found that on average two out of three men and two out of three women engaged in creative writing, art photography, music or film/video generally.

''So while creative output, on the aggregate, is equally distributed among men and women, the sharing of such content is not,'' study author Eszter Hargittai said.

''It appears that lack of perceived skill is holding women back from putting their creative content out there,'' she observed.

Ms Hargittai, however, said that other factors that may be responsible for the observed difference, may relate to lack of confidence in the quality of one's work or privacy concerns.


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