Tamil Nadu has Asia's biggest cattle farm

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Hosur (Tamil Nadu), June 23 : A cattle farm in Tamil Nadu's Krishnagiri District, which began its journey as a horse-rearing center during the British rule in 19th century, has become one of the largest in Asia.

The farm was handed over to the Agricultural Department of India of Madras on September 1, 1924 as a Cattle Breeding Station.

Since then the farm has been doing remarkably well. When it was taken over by the Madras Civil Veterinary Department which later was redesigned as Livestock Research Station, with the objective of maintaining the purity of the indian milk breeds of cattle and to conduct basic research on animal breeding.

"In Asia, this farm is one of the biggest, it comprises of various multi-activities in livestock. This farm is elevated 3115 feet away from sea level. Total area of the farm is 1641 acres with maximum rainfall about 84 cm that is 840 mm, the minimum temperature is about 17 degree and maximum is 30 degrees to 35 degrees," said Gnanaupakaram, Deputy Director of Live Stock Farm, Hosur.

The farm was renamed as District Livestock Farm after the reorganization of Livestock Research Station on January 1,1970.

The farm is known for its activities including breeding of rare varieties of cow's and bull's like the one of Sindhi bull's whose population is deteriorating in India.

Different breeds of cow, such as jersey, friesian, cross-bred friesian, cross bred jerky, kangayam are also bred in the farm.

The farm maintenance care and management has been operated equally well. The farm also improves the quality of local milk-producing animals by way of cross breeding with exotic proven bulls to increase the milk production.

The farm has been supplying cattle, both infant and adult, to various parts of the states and country and even to farmer who want to use it for agricultural purposes.

Besides trading cattle and cattle produce, they also provide training to various doctors, inspectors and even farmers on livestock maintenance to enhance their growth.

"We are also selling animals to the farmers if they want. We are also selling horses and provide training to the doctors those who have completed five to ten years of service. Livestock inspector gets short-term training for five days. Farmers coming from various groups through NGOs are provided trainings here which includes poultry rearing, piggery rearing, dairy farming and other necessary trainings," said Gnanaupakaram.

The topography and the climatic conditions of the region also play an important role in the productivity of the farm.

The farm still maintains traditional methods of breeding and preserving.By A.O. Arun KannanANI)

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