Bio-fuel an exquisite complement of crude oil

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Surat, Jun 21 (UNI) At the time when world is facing the brunt of high oil prices and its crisis, bio-fuel under production at Tarsad village in Navsari district of Gujarat can prove a boom for consumers.

Aaditya Aromedic and Bio-energies Private Limited manufactures oil from 'Ratanjyot Vanaspati' seeds. The Company Owner Dharmendra Parekh said Gujarat is the first's state in India to cultivate 'Ratanjyot', and bio-fuel is being successfully prepared out of it at the village.

He said an MoU with state government was signed by him during 2005 and started a unit of bio-fuel at cost of Rs 4.5 crore.

At present, Aaditya produces 1,000 litres of oil per day and has initiated its selling since last 20 days at a cost of Rs 39 per litre.

''In 1992, I started research on bio-fuel production and after six years I was partially successful in its production. Currently, 85 BPL families are cultivating 'Ratanjyot Vanaspati' in 2,000 hectares in South Gujarat alone,'' Mr Parekh said.

According to Mr Parekh, the bio-fuel his company produced has been used in his own vehicle since last nine months, which is giving excellent results. Diesel-run vehicles gives 18 km per litre, while vehicle running on bio-fuel gives an average of 21 km per litre and the vehicle engine needs least maintenance.

In the farming side of the plant, he said definitely 'Ratanjyot' give the cultivators extra income but also reduces soil erosion. The leaves serve as an anti-insecticide and it also reduces damages to crop caused by heavy winds. For farmers, a single plantation can reap income for 50-60 years in a row.

Regular diesel made from crude oil is a non-renewable source, where in bio-fuel is a renewable energy source, he said. The first ever research was made by National Agriculture&Rural Development Bank and this plant has also been experimented by top industrial house, including officials from Science and Technology Department, China.

He said after 12 years of research, we are now able to produce the oil out of the seed and would initiate it commercial production.


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