'Damdawi miracle plant' can cure cancer

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Imphal, Jun 18: Hundreds of villagers in Manipur have been flocking the Churachandpur district to consume the 'Damdawi miracle plant' extracts, which can reportedly cure cancer, while it has raised serious concerns among the Manipur health officials on the unknown side-effects of the plant. Head of Radiotherapy Department in the Regional Cancer Centre, RIMS (Imphal) Prof Th Tomcha Singh has urged the state authorities to take all necessary measures to prevent any untoward consequences, since cases of side effects, including diarrhoea and allergic reactions, had been reported after consumption of the miracle plant.

Prof Singh said the claims made by the discoverer of the 'Damdawi' that the herb possess all the medicinal properties, needed to be substantiated by extensive scientific research. ''It involves identifying the active agent, determining the appropriate dose and knowing the immediate and long-term side effects, including antidotes thereof,'' Prof Singh said. ''The Manipur Government should initiate all possible measures for safety of the citizens rather than remaining a silent spectator,'' he advocated.

The professor said every new medicine had to be first tested on mice, rabbits and guinea pigs, before trying it on human beings. On attainment of positive results, the researcher had to apply to official drug control authorities, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), US, and Drug Control, Government of India (DCGI) for permission of mass use.

Prof Tomcha ruled out the existence of a single medicine capable of curing all ailments as some diseases were contradictory in nature. ''In general, medicines having anti-cancer properties can be harmful for diabetics. Using the drugs on human beings before proper experiments can incur punishment under relevant law,'' Prof Singh warned.


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