Singers protest against brazen concretization in Goa

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Panaji, June 17 : Singers, including pop singer Remo Fernandes, have voiced their concern against rapid construction and brazen concretization in Goa.

"Whenever we stand up to do something for Goa selflessly, the others who known only to criticize say that we must be having some ulterior motives," said Remo.

The singers have joined the campaign, 'Save Goa', to vent their frustration over the threat to the green cover.

The event was organised by a Gandhian voluntary organisation to raise issues of construction and mining.

Known Bollywood playback singer Hema Sardesai demanded a law to forbid or restrict outsiders to buy land in Goa.

"I demand special status for Goa land whereby the cultural rich heritage villages of Goa can only be sold to local Goans so that the rich ancient existing culture and look of Goa is not destroyed. Stop acres and acres of ruthless mining that is creating major environmental disaster to Goa," she said.

Some of the demands include a halt to creation of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and construction, especially in village areas and beaches that are destroying the greenery of the region.

Goa was under Portuguese rule from the early 16th century after Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape of Good Hope to discover the sea route to India in 1498.

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