Urban Ninja set to promote new video game

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Melbourne, June 16 : The character of Urban Ninja, played by Young martial artist Xin Wuku in a YouTube video, is now being used to promote a video game about ninjas.

The character first appeared in 2005 in the online video that showed his extreme agility as he backflipped off buildings and leapt between rooftops.

The video was viewed more than 21 million times, and sparked a new martial arts trend.

According to news.com.au, Wuku is now making another low-budget film clip to promote a game called 'Ninja Gaiden'.

His martial arts style is known as Evolved Monkey Combat, and is a mixture of Chinese Gung-Fu, Tae Kown Do and acrobatics. The official EMC website says it's about "entertaining the masses through martial artistry".

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