There's no such thing as 'normal behaviour' on the Internet

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London, June 16 : Cyberspace is one domain where the word 'normal' just doesn't apply to the way people behave, says a new research.

By collecting data on hundreds of millions of online connections involving people exchanging emails, sharing files or just browsing the web, researchers have concluded that there is no such thing as normal behaviour on the Internet.

Mark Meiss and colleagues at Indiana University in Bloomington said that when it came to Internet, they came across extreme variations in user behaviour.

They claimed that they did not see any particular trend in the behaviour of people while using various applications on the internet, as their results could not form a normal bell curve on the graph.

A normal belle curve of statistics is produced when most data points are clustered around a central value, with few points at the "tails" of the curve.

The researchers are now hoping that their findings will make way for better models of online behaviour, which could help improve network security, reports New Scientist.

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