Steven Spielberg 'partly to blame' for West London bug infestation

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Washington, June 16 : Director Steven Spielberg feels that he's partly to blame for all those bugs that have made their home near Elstree Studios in London.

Spielberg believes that the problem started when he used bugs for a scene in hit mega-hit movie 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom', in which actress Kate Capshaw is covered with the creepy crawlies.

As it turns out, the handlers had a very difficult time keeping their charges under control, meaning that they got into the ecosystem in West London.

"The problem with bugs is they're fast and they're small and they can escape so it was very hard for us to keep the bugs in the confines of the very small set we had built," Contactmusic quoted him, as saying.

"The bugs would literally be 25 per cent less every day we shot. And they would escape under the real estate of Elstree Studios and they'd eventually get into the eco system of the surrounding communities.

"By the last day of shooting we only had 25 per cent of our bugs left; not nearly enough to make the scene work - so we had to send out for more bugs."

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