A film viewing rural India through eyes of 'mobile-pepsi generation'

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New Delhi, Jun 15 (UNI) Think of the modern urban youth in India today and the overwhelming image that comes to one's mind is one of several "filthy rich" youth whiling away their time, money and energies on movies, gambling or liquor; indulging in frivolous banter during college hours, with a ''care-two-hoots'' attitude about the happenings around them.

What happens when these representatives of urban India - an India "on the move" with lavish lifestyle, preponderence of glitzy clothes and electronic gadgets - are confronted with the bitter reality of rural India where the common folk have to bear the burden of debt, poverty and hunger, a world these youngsters never knew existed and far removed from their halcyon existence? Exploring the dilemmas of five such youth when faced with the stark reality of rural India is 'Summer 2007', a film which focus on the life that exists in rural India. One that has been left far behind and remains neglected and bereft of the fruits of development achieved by the increasing modernisation and globalisation in the country; one where farmers are dying of starvation and burden of debt even as their counterparts in urban India revel in wealth and luxuries.

The film deals with the story of five doctors, youngsters of the "mobile phone Pepsi generation" who, during their one month training in a village, are forced to confront with this reality of rural India where people are caught in the whirlpool of extreme poverty and farmer suicides is a common phenomenon, with increasing number of farmers killing themselves unable to bear the burden of debt, poverty and hunger.

Rahul Sharma (Sikander Kher), Qateel (Arjan Bajwa), Bagani (Alekh Sangal), Vishakha (Gul Panag) and Priyanka (Yuvika Chowdhary) -- are the typical fun loving self centred and ignorant youth of the "mobile Phone Pepsi generation" caught up in their own issues of sex and love and oblivious to the world around them.

However, an incident in their college forces them to head to a village for their rural internship. There, they are confronted with the stark reality - farmers commiting suicides due to debt, hunger and poverty.

At first, they find the reality of rural life quite bizarre and give no importance to it. Gradually, they find themselves dragged into the farmers' tragedies. Eventually, they too are forced to take a stand and in the process undergo a metamorphosis.

After 'Rang De Basanti', which showed how aimless youth are forced to stand up for a cause together when they face corruption in public life, 'Summer 2007' uses youth power as a potent weapon for bringing change in the state of affairs in the country.

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