Heritage bldgs should form part of zonal dev plans in 2021 MPD:exp

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New Delhi, June 10 (UNI) Heritage buildings and structures in Delhi should form part of the zonal development plans and the local area plans under the 2021 Master Plan for Delhi, town experts and DDA officials gathered at a workshop opined today.

Experts attending a one-day workshop on "Built Heritage of Delhi - towards framing guidelines" also stressed the need to identify the development controls rules for heritage buildings and precincts notified covering use/activities, coverage / FAR, Height, parking norms, building line based on detailed studies.

It was also felt that modification in the Master plan may be required for land use for individual heritage building and precincts or a group of heritage buildings.

The workshop, attended by DDA officials and experts from Indian Institute of Town Planners, Indian Institute of Architects, Indian Institute of Urban Designs, Urban Arts Commission, Urban Heritage Foundation, INTAC, Officers of Delhi Government, Ministry of Urban Development, ASI-Delhi Circle and Central ASI etc, also recommended that the listing of heritage buildings and heritage precincts be identified in the Master Plan and its Zonal Developments plans as also reflected in the local area plans.

Inaugurating the workshop, Engineer Member (DDA) A K Sarin said that DDA had made concerted efforts towards protection and conservation of unprotected heritage by taking steps like institution of awards for heritage buildings, constitution of Urban Heritage Foundation etc.

Addressing a technical session, Former Commissioner (Planning), DDA E F N Riberio said that though MPD-2021 has looked after forest bodies, water bodies and heritage but the use of terms in Master Plan for preserving heritage leds to debate as according to him basically the plan is an Environment Management Plan. He said that Master Plan has dealt with heritage at Zonal and Sub-zonal level but the same could also be dealt at municipal zone and ward level. The Master Plan can become an umbrella plan.

Chairman of the Delhi Urban Arts Commission K T Ravindran said that one cannot see built heritage separate from natural heritage and emphasized the need to reconnect linkages between water system, green system and monuments to have a healthy environment.

Regarding listing of monuments, he said the listing should be legally notified so that the same could provide a platform for negotiating changes in heritage preservation.

He was of the view that a comprehensive plan should be planned for Walled City with emphasis on heritage as the city is a repository of intangible heritage. He also emphasised the need to re-establish original communities and traditional crafts of the Walled City, as according to him, the character of Delhi is found only in Walled City and villages. Any change in the fabric of city should ensure legitimate right of these traditional communities and crafts through their preservation.

The workshop recommended that the listing of heritage buildings and heritage precincts should be identified in the Master Plan and its Zonal Developments plans as also reflected in the local area plans.

Listing has to be categorized as per its heritage value and the respective guidelines for each should be defined.

It was recommended that since the Master Plan land use for the individual heritage buildings and heritage precincts needs to be defined, the Heritage Conservation Committee shall frame guidelines for the permitted uses/ activities. It was also recommended that the use of Heritage buildings as tourism related/socio cultural activities may not necessarily be limited to one single use but , in consultation with HCC, Multiple uses can also be considered.

The workshop also recommended that the heritage buildings be provided with Tax benefits and that conservation Plan for traditional areas heritage precincts/special area be prepared on a case-to-case basis.


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