Man catches girlfriend's romp with another guy on mobile call

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London, June 10 : Leicester Crown Court has awarded a 41-year-old man a 15-month jail-term for beating up his girlfriend, after catching her having sex with a former boyfriend on a mobile call.

The court was told that the girl named Toni Milton sat on her cell phone by mistake while having sex with her old flame, and thereby unknowingly dialled the number of Neil O'Brien.

She came to know about the blunder only when she heard the muffled sounds of O'Brien.

Not knowing who was on the other side, she said "Hello", and heard O'Brien shouting in rage.

"I take it we're finished, then?" British tabloid The Sun quoted O'Brien as shouting.

Angered by what his girlfriend had done, O'Brien drove 15 miles to her home, beat her up in her bedroom and smashed up her possessions.

The judge presiding over the court hearing said that even the "unusual circumstances" of the incident, which took place in August last year, could not save O'Brien from prison.

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