Modular kitchens gaining popularity in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh, June 9 : Gone are the days when cooking meant sweating in front of a stove. Now, people just need to sensibly utilize the space and spruce it up with colours to make their kitchen smart and chic.

J Bawa, a housewife spent a whopping 7,500 US dollars to refurbish her kitchen. Silent chimney, trimless lights and modular cabinets are new additions.

"All carpenters make kitchens look alike. So, probably if you are going for modular kitchen, you have choice of more colours and you have a choice of getting exactly what you dream in a kitchen. If your kitchen is good, you like working in it," said Bawa. Depending on the area and the materials, a modular kitchen could cost anywhere between 2,000 US dollars and 30,000 US dollars.

Modern kitchen concepts dwell on latest gadgets like electric stoves, chimneys, refrigerator with sensors and juice dispenser, microwave ovens and fitted water coolers and other additions like a towel rack and fancy cutlery.

"A new style is coming where everything is in-built. We have an in-built microwave oven and coffeemaker. Compact grill is also coming. When the customer buys a product, he wants everything in-built. Earlier, everything was kept on slabs outside, which was space consuming and looked untidy," said Arvind Bahl, area manager, Cata Appliances Limited.

Stylish cabinets and matching counters lend the finishing touches to a modular kitchen. Setting it apart from the regulars, the sleek look in fact makes the kitchens look bigger.

"Today's lifestyle is such that both husband and wife are working. So, convenient kitchens are easy to maintain. This is a good option for housewives," said Ravinder Bedi.

The trend of designer homes is catching up as everyone wants to freshen up his or her living space these days.

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