SUVs emit double CO2 than ordinary cars: CSE

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New Delhi, Jun 3 (UNI) At a time when Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) have emerged as a status symbol right from small towns to emerging metros, the latest study on CO2 emissions claims that the four-wheeled giants emit CO2 equal to two small petrol cars.

The fact emerged from the Centre for Science and Environment's analysis of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions tested by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) from vehicles produced in different periods: 1991-96, 1996-2000, post 2000 and post 2005.

The CSE claimed while SUV models with engine size less than 3,000 cc of 1996-2000 vintage emit CO2 at the rate of 189 gm/km, the post-2000 models throw out 229 gm/km. Whereas, the post-2005 models emit 256 gm/km.

''Today one SUV oozes equal to two small petrol cars. Estimated fuel economy drops are dramatic from 14 km/litre in 1996-2000 models to 10 km/litre in post 2005 models,'' said Anumita Roychowdhury, in charge of CSE's Right to Clean Air Campaign.

The CSE found that in the post-2000 petrol cars, with engine size more than 1,400 cc, the CO2 emission was 143 gm/km. But, the post-2005 models of the same engine size give out 173 gm/km. Fuel economy dropped from 16 km/litre to 13 km per litre.

''Diesel car models with engine size less than 1,600 cc of 1996-2000 vintage emit 129 gm/km, but comparable post-2005 model emits 149 gm/km. Fuel economy drops from 20 km/litre to 18 km/litre,'' added Roychowdhury.

''Older cars can become more fuel-inefficient and emit more CO2, due to the poor maintenance and deterioration. But newer cars, even those produced after 2000 and 2005, showing higher levels of CO2 emissions than the older vintages is unexpected and disturbing,'' the CSE said.


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