US reluctant to use 'ray gun' in Iraq

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{image-US12 Flag_03062008.jpg}Washington, June 2: The US military reportedly has a fully functioning, non-lethal ray gun, but is reluctant to deploy it in Iraq or any other war zone.
According to, the weapon sends out an electromagnetic beam made up of very high frequency radio waves that causes a burning sensation in the top layer of skin.

Officially known as the "Active Denial System" the weapon has been proven to work in tests but has yet to be used in combat. Colonel Kirk Hymes, head of the US Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate, is in charge of the ray gun program and said it would be ready to go to Iraq within months. He told 60 Minutes the ray gun's blast would cause pain to anyone advancing, but would not permanently injure them. With only 13.1 million dollars allocated to the program out of the Pentagon's 475 billion dollars annual budget it is unlikely to be used in combat soon.


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